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Choosing to invest in TS Banking Group (TSBG) would give you several unique benefits that are not available with other investment options.

  1. Access to a restricted sector. Investors in the banking sector are required to have approval by regulatory bodies, and the current approval process is very limited to no opportunity, unless you are a “known” person to the industry or to be partnered with such a person or company.  
    In banking, the standards are different (compared to other industries). It’s considered a privilege to own a bank, not a right. An investor can’t come in like they would in another industry…the analysis in banking is more complicated. – American Banker, Feb 2016
  2. Reap the benefits of ownership in a privately structured company with a long-term vision, as TSBG manages for the next generation, not the next quarter.
  3. Be a part of an “impact” return on your investment, through investing in a company that reinvests 10% of profits back into the communities it serves, you can help impact the economic vitality of communities and the financial literacy of the next generations.
  4. The ability to achieve equity-like returns, but be primarily exposed to the risk of fixed income type of instruments, through the utilization of leverage and low cost of funding.

Our Vision & Mission

To lead the resurgence of community banking!

To continue to earn our independence, we will preserve and define the future of community banking by overcoming the many challenges facing the industry. Leading the resurgence of community banking is critical, as this mission is key to the prosperity of America’s communities. Our top priority is to prosper as an organization, so that in return we can continue to ignite prosperity within the community.

"The important thing for the United States to remember is that we’re the only major nation that has a large number of small banks, and those small banks — not the megabanks — have been key to the kind of economy that has made us the most productive nation in the world."

L. William Seidman
Former head of FDIC and RTC

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We are focused on people and we are focused on the community — but above all, we are focused on challenging the status quo.

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