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Reinvesting in our Communities

We are more than a group of community banks — we are community prosperity engines. Working together, we strive every day to create an increasingly positive impact on our clients and our communities.

Faith, family, farming and financial stewardship are the values that drive TS Banking Group to be committed to reinvesting 10% of the affiliated bank's pre-tax income back into the communities. This reinvestment is made in the form of sponsorships, donations to local non-profits, and support of the local schools through the TS Institute. 

Igniting Prosperity

We Ignite Prosperity through the following five areas:

  1. Community Reinvestment
  2. Products and Services
  3. Lending to Local Businesses
  4. Employment Opportunities
  5. TS Institute

"Ignite" is defined as "to evoke emotion, to excite, to set in motion," and "prosperity" is defined as "to thrive or cause to succeed" and, from the Latin prosperåre to succeed.

In Latin, "pro" means for and “spés” means hope. This is the very idea behind “Igniting Prosperity” — We are for hope!

"It's our true desire to see communities, including employees, citizens, and clients benefit from our community reinvestment efforts, professional development opportunities, small business lending practices, and financial literacy initiatives."

Kelsey Stupfell, Director of Community Reinvestment

We are focused on people and we are focused on the community — but above all, we are focused on challenging the status quo.

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