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Access your TS Prosperity Group account information online

At TS Prosperity Group, we are continually looking for ways to improve your client experience. One of these enhancements includes the ability for you to access your TS Prosperity Group account balance online.

Our Trust software Accunet, provides online account balance access. Your balance will show “as of” the previous night’s close for your account holdings. You will also be able to access historical information for your account balance information. If you have questions about Accunet, please call 1-844-487-3115.

A reminder to clients, not all TS Prosperity Group assets price on a daily basis. TS REIS has a constant value (no market change), BAG Securities holdings price after each month end, and TS Capital Funds are priced after every quarter end.

We want to thank all of our clients for their valued business. Our client statements are processed and mailed by the 20th day after quarter end. If you would like more frequent account statements or have any questions about our new online account access, please contact your Trust Administrator today.

Login to AccuNet to view account balances.

Still need a login? Call us today: 1-844-487-3115.