Prosperity Planning Services

Fiduciary Management

The TS Prosperity Group has been providing fiduciary services since 1923. Our team is able to assist you and your family with fiduciary services that include corporate trustee and co-trustee powers, estate administration, risk investment management, bill paying, and more.

We provide families valuable services in their greatest time of need.

As a fiduciary provider, whether as trustee or agent, we act in your family’s best interest. This includes professional portfolio managers that work to design a comprehensive allocation strategy tailored to your needs and Fiduciary Officers that work with your family’s tax professionals and legal counsel to create a prosperity plan tailor made for your unique life situation.

Our Fiduciary Services Include:

  • Investment Agency Services
  • IRA Services
  • Trustee Services
    • Revocable
    • Irrevocable, Inter Vivos & Testamentary
    • Charitable
  • Conservatorship Services
  • Probate Executor Services
  • 1031 Exchange Services
  • Charitable Gift Planning
    • Family Foundations
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts
    • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Estate Planning

Our fiduciary trust and estate planning professionals are experienced and well regarded in our area. We bring a variety or knowledge and experience to our solution based approach to generational prosperity planning. Our team is here to help, assuring that you and your family are well prepared for all stages: generation of wealth, retirement, incapacity, or death. We are your valued partner in navigating all of life’s major events.  

Retirement Planning

There are many strategies and investment alternatives when it comes to planning for your retirement, and we can assist with devising a comprehensive retirement solution. Understanding your individual objectives and personal situation is essential in order to recommend the appropriate approach to meet your retirement goals.

At TS Prosperity Group, our professionals can review your investment portfolio, analyze your income replacement needs during retirement, determine the best distribution strategies, and provide you with a comprehensive retirement solution that fits your unique situation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of managing affairs during your life to assure you that financial and family complications are minimized, while also preparing your assets for events after your death. If done correctly, your prosperity is structured so that your assets will be used to benefit the people that you choose and for the amounts that you specify, whether in life or after.

When it comes to estate planning, we recognize that you have unique needs and individual requirements. We also understand you have a desire to grow and protect your prosperity, and to manage the risks and potential challenges for your family resulting from success.

When it comes to estate planning, we recognize that you have unique needs and individual requirements.

Our prosperity planning and fiduciary trust professionals do not give direct tax advice or legal opinions. However, we do have a deep understanding of estate law and tax regulations and can help to create a prosperity plan for you and your family. Once the plan is finalized with your tax/legal advisors, you will have peace of mind knowing those you care about are provided for.