Investment Management

Our Investment Philosophy 

Our Investment Philosophy is based upon five unique foundational principles:

  1. Intellectual Curiosity – We believe there is always a better way than the status quo, resulting in the relentless investigation and pursuit of an improved path of performance.
  2. Analytical Approach – The capital markets industry is filled with ‘urban legends’ (false commonly held beliefs). Being committed to overturning many commonly held financial or market notions, our team continually probes and challenges the industry’s common beliefs. We seek the knowledge to answer the question, “Is that really true?”
  3. Intellectual Honesty – After reaching a perspective, we continually ask ourselves, “Where might we be wrong? What is the opposing view?” Personal biases aside, we are open to changing our perspective when better or new facts are presented. The combination of intellectual curiosity and intellectual honesty is what drives our team to act as investigative market reporters as we progress through market cycles.
  4. Experiential Knowledge – People from all walks of life realize academic knowledge alone is insufficient; yet the mere passage of time doesn’t always translate to building experience. The process of actively cataloging perceived forethoughts, observing experienced reality, and critiquing our decision-making and performance builds experiential knowledge.
  5. Intellectual Stamina – We desire to be continually curious and honest in our search for an improved analytical approach and increased experiential knowledge.

Building on top of our Foundational Principals is our Institutional Investing Authorship:

  1. TS Prosperity Group’s team of professionals draws experience from virtually all corners of the investment industry, with strong influences hailing from institutional investing experience. 
  2. The Group’s Risk Optimization approach is substantially different from industry norms. By limiting and optimizing for downside risk instead of aggressively pursuing upside return, our clients’ portfolios are more protected from downside market risk than most other investment advisory strategies 
  3. While many investment professionals understand the limitations to Efficient Market Hypothesis, they often lack the tools, knowledge, or conviction to capitalize on its shortcomings.

Core Investment Portfolios

TS Prosperity Group has combined its belief in Foundational Financial Principles with an institutional investing approach to create Core Portfolios that are unique to our philosophy. Our team didn’t merely adapt conventional industry portfolios; we built new portfolios from the ground up. Inspired by a desire to both build wealth and protect it, our Core Portfolio offerings range from Conservative to Very Aggressive and have the ability to deliver consistent return while taking less risk (footnote “Based on Conditional Value-at-Risk”) than conventional portfolios offered by our competitors.

We serve our clients from a Risk management first, and return second: a philosophy that is inverse to what the industry’s perspective is. By leveraging our differentiated approach to risk and utilizing a rigorous and disciplined approach to selecting investments, our clients can experience long-term results that align with their expectations. 

TS Prosperity Group clients understand investing is a collaborative process with agreed upon up-front risk and reward targets. As a regulated fiduciary, unlike many investment advisors or providers, we are held to a higher standard of care, and embrace this responsibility by placing the interests of our clients before our own. Our clients delegate investment management decisions to our investment professionals, and we gladly accept that responsibility. 

Our Investment Team is continually abreast of market conditions and monitors for potential opportunities and threats in the path ahead regularly. We discuss market trends, adapt to changes in trends, and re-optimize the Core Portfolios quarterly based on long-term foundational strategy - not momentary news stories. Our clients can take confidence in knowing their portfolios will not be the result of past legacy decisions, but are instead a deliberate result of fresh insights and the calculated risk management most appropriate for each individual client.

Our Investment Process

Individualized Approach

Our process begins and ends with you, the client. Serving clients successfully for more than 90 years has taught us that we must always keep your needs first. 

We are proud of our the ability to leverage all of TS Prosperity Group’s unique collective insight and philosophies and build an investment strategy individualized to our clients’ situations and objectives. Our internally developed Risk Tolerance Questionnaire provides us the ability to thoroughly understand each of our clients’ situations, plans, dreams, and concerns. With this knowledge, our team develops an Investment Policy Statement unique to each client’s objectives, limiting their risk to an appropriate amount based on the individual client’s situation and needs.

Prosperity Planning

During the Prosperity Planning stage, our team will assist you in determining which of our solutions is the best fit for your needs. Some recommendations may require the services of an attorney, tax professional, or insurance provider. While we do not practice law or provide tax advice, we do have experts on staff to guide you through all the necesssary phases to put your prosperity plan into action. As your needs change, investment opportunities arise, or tax laws are modified, we stay current on these changes and evaluate your investments, insurance, and estate plan. 

Review Results and Communicate

We will meet regularly to assess your portfolios performance against market benchmarks to provide an objective evaluation of how well we performed, and to learn how we can better serve you. As a regulated fiduciary, we are held to a higher standard of care and always embrace placing the interests of our clients before our own.

“It is in our nature to run the risk of being different. We gladly clothe ourselves with a contrarian mentality and embrace the reputational risk of sticking out from the traditional wealth management industry. As such, our investment offerings are constructed extraordinarily. Many investors recognize the herd influence on the market necessitates being unconventional. To become better always means becoming different, often appearing unconventional; because of our endless drive to achieve better results, being different is a risk we will never cease taking. This is our ongoing commitment to our clients.”

-Kevin Forristall, CFA Chief Investment Officer

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