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The Ability to Support Multiple Generations

By creating a succession plan, a family’s vision and intentions for their farm/business can be addressed and implemented purposefully. Successful planning ensures the family business or farm continues to operate efficiently but with the ability to financially support multiple generations.

Proper planning can ensure all children are treated equitably, while recognizing the possibility that equally is not always appropriate. A well-crafted plan will work hand-in-hand with the parents’ retirement and estate plan. 

Succession planning is more than just a one-time exercise for aging farm/business owners. It’s a continual process, and a valuable business practice, that provides the owner with clarity, direction and accountability. Discussing your succession plans openly and honestly with all family members involved, and listening to their concerns, preserves harmony and allows the next generation to continue to build the business and its legacy.

Our team of professionals is here to assist your family with those critical conversations.