Mary Jewell, VP of TS Prosperity Group, spoke last month at Optimist Club of Treynor

Published: January 16, 2018

On Saturday, Dec. 16, Mary Jewell, Vice President and Fiduciary Officer of TS Prosperity Group, had the pleasure of speaking with the Optimist Club of Treynor, Iowa. Mary has a law degree from Creighton University and has worked at TS Bank within the wealth management division for five years. Her prior work experience includes charitable gift planning, donor development and as a trust officer. Mary expressed that she loves helping people with their financial futures, and has a connection with the TS Bank tagline “Ignite Prosperity.”

A practical, down-to-earth woman who has been involved in all kinds of cases, Mary expressed the following common-sense advice: It’s important to be able to sleep at night knowing rates will eventually go down.” The bank has a department of analysts who focus on researching investments and together they help clients figure out what types of investments are appropriate for them while yielding a good rate, but also minimizing risk. 

She also helps develop estate plans for clients and had many stories to share, stating, “none of us knows how the day will end,” and recommends two musts: having a Health Care Power of Attorney document and a Durable Power of Attorney document for finances. These documents are effective only while you are living but allows one or more of whom you name to make decisions regarding health and finances in the case you are unable to. She recommends talking to the person(s) you designate so that your wishes are met.

“Will your children still have Christmas dinner together?” said Mary. Upon death is when a will goes into effect and the will identifies a representative to handle your affairs. Siblings fighting over items in the home is very common – whether it be the Kool Aid pitcher, or Mom’s diamond ring. In the Midwest, you can have a handwritten laundry list designating who gets what. 

Setting up a trust avoids probate and is more private. There are some charges along with some processes to do this, but it can be a very effective way to handle your affairs. Trustees can be whomever you name, but the bank can also serve in this capacity. TS Prosperity Group also works with conservatorships to help with the accounts of people with special needs.

“The State is where it ends up if you have no plan.”  The goal of TS Prosperity Group is to grow your money and help your money remain where you want it – whether that be with family members or charities. TS Prosperity Group is willing to help from paperwork to making sure you review your IRA beneficiaries, with an overall goal of keeping you up to date. 

About TS Prosperity Group: We want to be your partner in creating a plan that secures and empowers your financial prosperity, while giving you the ability to care for your family today and for generations to come. Contact TS Prosperity Group today by calling 844-487-3115 to schedule your prosperity planning meeting.