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The TS Prosperity Group Difference

We plan for your family’s future as if it were our own, managing risk for your greater reward.

Just as TS Banking Group is committed to community prosperity, TS Prosperity Group is committed to family prosperity. We know that by making an impact on the financial lives of our clients and their family’s legacy, we also make an impact on our communities. 

TS Prosperity Group believes so strongly in giving back that it dedicates 10% of its annual pre-tax profit for community reinvestment. 

By embracing our fiduciary responsibility, our clients and their ongoing financial legacies are at the forefront of everything we do. The foundation of our investment philosophy is optimizing returns through managing risk. We do this by educating our clients about the risks within their financial plan and then implementing the best risk-based plan that fits their family.

Our purpose is to secure and empower your family’s financial life to ignite a prosperous legacy.

You work incredibly hard to attain your prosperity, and you deserve to partner with those who are the absolute best at growing, managing, and protecting your prosperity; and doing so in complete confidentiality.

Looking for a financial partner that will simplify your life while protecting and growing your prosperity for generations to come? Contact TS Prosperity Group today by calling 844-487-3115 to schedule a 30 minute meeting to help identify potential risks in your plan today. TS Prosperity Group serves the Midwest, with locations in Iowa, North Dakota and Illinois through our business partners.