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TS Ag Finance is comprised of a National and Regional Team. Learn more about the TS Ag Finance Teams here.

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David Buman, SVP of TS Ag Finance

David joined TS Ag Finance as the Senior Vice President in December 2014. Prior to joining TS Ag Finance, David was the Director of Credit Operations with Farmer Mac for over 6 years. As the Director of Credit Operations, David was directly involved in loan underwriting, developing underwriting standards and practices, as well as the design and creation of AgPower®, Farmer Mac’s in-house underwriting program.

Prior to Farmer Mac, David served as a Vice President for Midstates Bank in Harlan, Iowa and as a Senior Loan Officer with Farm Credit Services of America. With his expertise in Farmer Mac underwriting and a history with other financial institutions, David understands the essential need to provide alternative financing options to a market whose loan requests are growing more complex, sophisticated, and increasing in size.

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National Ag Real Estate Lending

The National Agricultural Real Estate Lending Team offers financing opportunities for agricultural mortgage loan originators and partner banks throughout the United States. These financing options offer unique and flexible products for the agricultural producer and investor looking to expand their operation refinance into a more favorable loan product(s) or consolidate debt.

The originators can market these programs and products to their agricultural clients while remaining the primary relationship manager. TS Ag Finance will underwrite and submit the originated loans to various funding sources.

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Mark Dunn, VP of TS Ag Finance

Mark began with TS Ag Finance in June 2015. Prior to joining TS Ag Finance, Mark was an Underwriting Officer and a Business Development Officer with a National Agricultural Real Estate Finance Company for 8 years. As an underwriter, Mark handled loan files from start to finish. He worked with originators on qualifying their borrowers, inputting loan data into Farmer Mac's AgPower, and underwriting the loan prior to sending it to the secondary market.

Other previous credit analyst experience includes nearly 8 years as a Production Ag and Commercial / Specialty Lending Credit Analyst with a Regional Finance Cooperative. Mark has a thorough understanding of Agricultural Finance and the process of underwriting loans for the Secondary Market.

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Hugh Marsden, VP of TS Ag Finance

Hugh started with TS Ag Finance in June 2015. Hugh was previously employed as a Senior Underwriter and Vice President for a National Agricultural Real Estate Finance Company that was one of the largest sellers of loans to Farmer Mac. Hugh has been underwriting loans for the secondary market for 18 years and was responsible for underwriting over half of their loan volume.

Hugh worked directly with loan originators on creating a complete loan package to be sent to Farmer Mac, as well as managing that package through loan closing. Hugh’s agricultural lending career spans 35 years and includes several roles in banking, lending, and underwriting. Hugh’s knowledge of agricultural lending and underwriting, as well as his proficiency in the Farmer Mac program, is an asset to TS Ag Finance.

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Barry Sturdivant, VP of TS Ag Finance

Barry joined TS Ag Finance as Vice President in July 2017. Prior to joining TS Ag Finance, Barry was Senior Vice President in the Food and Ag Division at Wells Fargo. Prior to that he was Senior Vice President for the Agribusiness Division at Bank of the West. At both places, Barry developed business on a nationwide basis. He built a portfolio of nearly $600 million consisting of loan commitments ranging from $500,000 to $130,000,000. In addition to providing constructive financing, Barry has always worked with management to ensure their long-term financial strength. He has done this by assisting in the budgeting process and by setting goals to meet key financial metrics.

Barry has spent his entire 38-year career financing farms, ranches and agribusinesses. During that time, he has witnessed first-hand how consolidation, increasing size and vertical integration of agribusinesses has impacted every commodity in agriculture. This has required  more hands-on work and understanding on the part of lenders. Barry is proud to be a part of the team at TS Ag Finance and their culture of understanding and supporting production agriculture.

Regional Ag Lending

The Regional Agricultural Lending Team is equipped to grow to over 40 seasoned agricultural lending relationship managers and underwriters with expertise in agricultural production and real estate.

This team also focuses on Midwest Agriculture with an emphasis on the beef industry from cow/calf to feedlot operation. The Regional Team works with farmers and agricultural producers throughout the upper Midwest to finance real estate loans, operating loans as well as intermediate term equipment and livestock loans.

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Rick Ohlinger, VP of TS Ag Finance

Rick joined the TS Ag Finance Regional Division in April 2015. At TS Ag Finance, Rick works one-on-one with clients to provide innovative and competitive financing options. He manages the credit relationship through the entire process and works closely with the analysts located in Treynor.

Before coming to TS Ag Finance, Rick was a Vice President at Shelby County State Bank in Harlan, Iowa. At Shelby County State Bank he managed two branch locations as well as an agricultural loan portfolio. Other past roles include agricultural lending position with Midstates Bank and ING Fixed Annuity Sales in Des Moines. Through his various roles within the banking industry Rick has gained vast experience in ag lending and offers guidance and expertise in finding the right financing opportunity for Midwest producers. 

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Matt Saar, VP of TS Ag Finance

Matt Saar joined TS Bank in September 2014 as a credit analyst, in the Treynor location. He moved into the Relationship Manager for TS Ag Finance role in May 2015 and is now VP of TS Ag Finance. In his current role Matt manages the bank’s existing agriculture loan portfolio.

Matt is a native of Treynor Iowa where he grew up on a farm south of town. With his prior experience as a credit analyst for the bank, Matt has a good understanding of agricultural finance and the bank’s analysis practices. He brings that experience with him in his role as a Relationship Manager and works with producers to streamline the loan approval process and provide the best loan options available.

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Allison Johannes, Agriculture Inspection Specialist

Allison joined TS Ag Finance in January of 2017. As the Ag Inspection Specialist, Allison’s primary duty is to ensure and maintain TSBG’s security of all farm chattels. To do so, she conducts routine farm inspections of TS Ag Finance clients and reviews monthly borrowing base certificates that are submitted by clients whose specialization is in cattle feeding. As an independent yet internal representative of TS Bank, Allison enjoys assisting all Relationship Managers and their clients throughout every branch of TS Bank.

Allison’s previous work experiences in ag business include Farm Credit Services of America and Malvern Bank. In addition to her role at TS Bank, she assists her husband with managing a family row crop, hog, and cow-calf farm operation in Adams County, IA.

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JaLynne Schmaling, Community Banking Project Manager

JaLynne joined TS Ag Finance as a Credit Administration Project Manager in June 2015. Prior to joining TS Ag Finance, JaLynne was a Loan Underwriter and Credit Project Coordinator with Farmer Mac for over four years. In her role at Farmer Mac, she worked in the Iowa Underwriting Office and completed loan underwriting and appraisal review. 

JaLynne also handled new customer training on the loan process, underwriting guidelines, appraisal review and navigating AgPower®, Farmer Mac’s in-house underwriting program. JaLynne created the AgPower® Connect training videos along with a manual and additional quick reference guides for the Farm & Ranch Program. JaLynne brings with her to TS Ag Finance, a true hands-on understanding of the Farmer Mac process from start to finish.

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