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Look to TS Ag Finance for innovative financing solutions. We are committed to serving our agricultural clients with products that fit their needs, including fixed long term financing for large purchases or operating loans to help finance operations from year to year.

We understand the agricultural industry and the importance of having sophisticated financing options available for today's producers. We have vast experience in underwriting agricultural credit and personal knowledge of operating a farming enterprise.

Current Clients

Please click the appropriate link below to access your loan account information. If you are interested in a new loan request or a servicing action on your existing request, fill out the form below or feel free to contact us.

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Mac Seller Online gives you access to your Farmer Mac or Ag Finance Loan Accounts. Mac Seller Online also offers the ability to make online payments.

Potential Clients

Learn more about available loan programs and products by visiting the page.

To have a relationship manager from TS Ag Finance contact you regarding a potential loan request, click the Make an Online Loan Inquiry button below:

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The first step for any type of agricultural loan is to complete a financial statement.
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