Six Online Ag Real Estate Resources

Six Online Ag Real Estate Resources

Published: February 01, 2018

Have you visited the TS Ag Finance resources page lately? Our goal is make sure you have the appropriate tools, documents and quick links at your fingers tips, and in one easy location. 

We’ve gathered some important websites and a list of our favorite farmland real estate listing and valuation sites. 

Farmers National Company

One of the most successful farm management companies in the United States, Farmers National Company, is among one of the largest, and fastest growing, managing 5,000 farms, ranches and specialty operations across the country.  Located in Omaha, NE. Farmers National Company's core business is, and always has been, farm management, but the company has grown and expanded its services to include a complete range of agricultural services.

Farmers National offerings include management, real estate sales, appraisals, insurance and commodity marketing. We look to Farmers National Company for new farmland listings throughout the nation as well as sold property information. Farmers National Company is also a great resource for ag and landowner news.  To learn more about Farmers National Company, visit their website.

Peoples Company

Peoples Company is a resource used for land listings and auctions. In addition, they have a powerful monthly publication consisting of a round-up of articles and headlines published by the farm press, business media and financial publications with insights into buying, selling or investing in farm land, recreational ground or development ground.

Located in Clive, Iowa, Peoples Company is a leading provider of land brokerage, land management, land investment and appraisal services in 18 states throughout the U.S. With an industry-leading website, a cohesive team of land professionals and aggressive marketing strategies proven to drive land sales, Peoples Company has become a top agricultural real estate services firm holding licenses in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. In 2008, Peoples Company launched the first annual Land Investment Expo – a premier conference bringing together major players in the land business and featuring high-profile speakers. To learn more about Peoples Company, visit their website.


FarmlandFinder is an online real estate marketplace that makes finding land easy and enjoyable for farmland professionals. FarmlandFinder serves farmers, landowners and real estate professionals when buying, selling, renting, appraising and prospecting land. FarmlandFinder's database holds more than 26 million acres of Iowa farmland and more than 3,000 arms-length transaction records. Their mission is to make the world's farmland information accessible. This is a great resource for farmers and landowners to connect when looking to buy, rent or sell farmland. In addition, it offers a comparable tool for sales research. To learn more about FarmlandFinder, visit their website


AcreValue helps customers provide a market value for their farm real estate. In addition, AcreValue provides useful information on a per farm basis such as crop history and soil surveys. AcreValue is a free site used by farmers, landowners, investors, bankers, brokers and industry professionals to analyze the value and productive capacity of farmland. AcreValue aggregates and analyzes data about soils, climate, crop rotations, taxes, interest rates and corn prices to calculate the estimated value of an individual field. With its map-based web interface, AcreValue provides easy access to this data with a simple click on a field. AcreValue is currently available in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii. Estimated values are currently available in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin. To learn more about AcreValue, visit their website.

Midwest Ag Services, Inc.

Located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, this company manages 15,000 acres in Western Iowa, and employs a small team ready to meet your needs. The team specializes in the following services:

Real Estate: The Company is licensed to buy or sell real estate in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri; and will represent buyers or sellers. 

Appraisal Services: If you are in need of a farm appraisal for financing, to settle an estate, or are considering selling or buying farmland, they will quote a competitive fee to appraise your farm.

Crop Insurance: They offer hail, YP (yield protection) & RP (revenue protection) coverage.

Farm Management: The full-service farm management includes: tenant selection, lease negotiation, lease preparation, payment of real estate taxes, payment of property & liability insurance premiums, furnish accounting reports, prepare annual farm budget, oversee farm operation, review soil tests, lease & manage rental houses, and oversee maintenance and capital improvements approved by clients. 

To learn more about Midwest Ag Services, Inc., visit their website

Hertz Farm Management, Inc.

Hertz Farm Management, Inc. specializes in farmland asset management, providing personalized service to assist clients in meeting their farmland ownership and investment goals. The Company’s goal is to look after clients’ best interests and to increase the net return on their assets, while ensuring stewardship of the land.

Located in Nevada, Iowa, their focus is primarily on agriculture real estate, appraisals and farm management. For those landowners that do not personally farm their land, Hertz delivers tailored, professional management services.

On the real estate side, the Company utilizes exclusive listings or professional auctions to achieve maximum returns on property sales and offer professional buyer representation if you wish to invest in farmland. Hertz also can help customers and their attorney use a tax-free 1031 exchange to realize the most from their investment. Additionally, Hertz Appraisal Services offers the focus and expertise required to appraise agricultural properties across the Midwest.

To learn more about Hertz Farm Management, Inc., visit their website.

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